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My name is Marc Delaney, a certified gunsmith and owner of MMO Tactical Gunsmithing shop   based in Yellowknife, NT. The only certified Firearms Repair shop in all of the Northwest Territories. I am a Graduate of ICS International career college / Firearms Repair/Gun Pro.


Having always been my old man’s extra eyes with the binoculars on deer and moose hunts in Nova Scotia it was time for me to get my own hunters permit.  My first rifle was a Lakefield 22LR and that’s when it all began. My trade being a floor layer and many years as a building maintainer for a major airline company has taught me that quality work in finishing and safety is absolute priority #1. 

Having a passion and respect for firearms, it was always a hassle to have them sent out of province to have even the simplest of work done. So I started with doing my own scope mounting for some friends, then for a friend of a friend and well you get where this is going. After doing all types of repairs and troubleshooting various malfunctions, it only seemed natural that I get my certification in firearms repair and if for nothing else than at least my own personal stuff would be in top running condition.

Last summer I built a shop on my property to be my own shop just for firearms maintenance, built to my own specs just for that purpose.  The decision to open a shop was an easy one coupled with the fact that there wasn’t any shop in Yellowknife that offers firearm repair services and so it became a logical reality.

 The name started with a combination of two names, my name Marc and my son Marc-Olivier and there MMO Tactical was born. “Tactical“ being the emphasis that is certainly not all we are limited too. Anything  from new rifle or handgun set up to routine maintenance right on up to custom AR & 1911 builds, it can all happens right here in our backyard north of 60.

Major equipment purchases i.e. metal lathe and milling machines are in the future so we don’t have to send anything out for re-barreling. However, in the mean time if you don’t mind having your firearm sent out then that is a service I can offer on a one on one consultation basis.

Your firearm when in my possession will be securely locked and handled with care. Whether it is your first new or your father handed to you from his father so on and so forth, great care will be taken.

I hope to hear from you and I will be honored to work your firearm(s).

And remember, always prove a firearm safe when handing one to someone and when being handed one because firearms safety doesn’t happen by accident and accidents are caused by carelessness.  


Shoot straight and shoot safe!

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